Captain Tama's Lagoon Cruise Muri Beach and Lagoon Rarotonga

Captain Tama's Lagoon Cruises are one of the best ways to spend an unforgettable time in the lagoon waters of Rarotonga.

Discover the lagoon and inner reef area of Rarotonga where marine life is abundant aboard a Glass Bottom Lagoon Cruiser. Swim and snorkel amongst schools of colourful Butterfly, Wrasse and Trigger fish, see giant clams in their natural habitat and top off the experience with a BBQ lunch on a remote uninhabited offshore island with Pacific Island singing and a performance.

Enjoy a day out on Rarotonga’s lagoon. Captain Tama’s Lagoon Cruise is suitable for all age groups. There is some climbing in and out of the Lagoon cruiser but this is made simple with the help of the professional and friendly crew. If you are spending your entire holiday on Rarotonga, then you must spend at least a day out with Captain Tama and his able crew.

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