Tekings Lagoon Cruise Aitutaki

Tekings have three packages from where you can start your exploring from.

  • Five Island Cruise
  • Champagne Brunch
  • Sunset Adventure Cruise

Tekings have several boats to take varying sizes of groups out. From their 5.7m Alloy purpose built snorkeling boat to their centre console 9m covered boat. Each boat can take 10 people, so good for groups up to 20. Each trip can be customised to meet your needs. So if you have kids with you or are mad keen snorkelers you can extend or shorten island visits and return times as you like.

Five Island Cruise
Here Tekings take you first to their secret spot x. You can feed the fish from the boat and then from the water. Explore previously unknown wrecks and the beautiful fish below. Next stop - Giant clams!
Tekings have their own Giant Clam Farm and Pearl Farm. Hidden amoungst the coral reefs of the Lagoon. You get to snorkel around and view these amazing shellfish.
Then its off to your first Island Stop of Honey Moon Island for a walk along the amazing white sands. Then to Maina Island - (say ma-e-na) - for lunch. Here you will have your chairs and table in the waters of the Lagoon (Weather permitting) and sit amoungst the tropical fish for lunch.
There is no sign to say Dont Feed the Animals here! Friendly Butterfly Fish and Flounder will hang around for treats! Depending on the time of year you may also witness the Red Beaked Bird nesting.
At Maina you are at the further most South Eastern point of the Lagoon, so after lunch settle in for a high speed ride amoungst the coral reefs to your next snorkeling spot. Again this is one of Tekings secret marked spots. You can snorkel down to see the beautiful blues and oranges of the coral.
You are not finished yet! Now its off to another island of your choice, then a visit in to One Foot Island to get your passport stamped. Quickly leave the crowds here and head for another spot of snorkeling, swimming or just lazing on the beach before heading back to the Wharf!

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