The North East Coast, Rarotonga Holidays & Accommodation

The north east coast is the area between Avarua and Muri Lagoon. The rugged mountains offer a stunning backdrop. The beaches in this area are wild and covered in dead coral and pebbles. While they are not recommended for swimming or snorkelling, they can be good for fishing and beachcombing. This area is home to Arai Te Tonga Marae, one of the most significant archaeological site on Rarotonga. A sacred meeting place for pre-Christian Polynesians, the remains of the marae are still here. While you are welcome to come and look at Arai Te Tonga, take care not to walk onto the marae as it is still a sacred site.

For those of you looking for a challenge the Te Kou and Ikurangi Summit Tracks offer some of the steepest climbs on the island. Be prepared and for your own safety take a guide. And for a joyous uplifting experience join locals at the beautiful limestone CICC Church at Matavera for Sunday service. The church was built in 1853 and is said to be the most beautiful church on the island of Rarotonga.

The North East Coast Map