Cook Islands Climate

The Cook Islands enjoy a pleasantly warm and sunny climate all year round. June to August are the cooler months, while November to March marks the warmer season, with occasional tropical showers expected.
The drier months from April to November have an average temperature of about 26°C, while the warmer, more humid and damp season runs from December to March. Severe weather is rare and infrequent, so lightweight clothing is the norm.

The table below indicates the prevalence of sunshine and even temperatures. Severe weather is rare and infrequent.  

Max (deg c) Min (deg c) Sunshine Hrs
Jan 28.8 22.9 179
Feb 29.1 23.1 171
Mar 28.9 22.6 181
Apr 28.2 22.0 174
May 26.6 20.4 162
June 25.6 19.3 169
July 25.2 18.6 177
Aug 24.9 18.4 182
Sept 25.3 19.1 177
Oct 26.0 20.0 185
Nov 27.1 21.0 178
Dec 27.8 21.9 181

     For more information call the Meteorological Centre phone 682 20683 or email


Wildlife, Bugs and Insects
Theres are no poisonous or seriously harmful animals or insects in the Cook Islands. However mosquitoes and other bugs can be bothersome so insect repellent is recommended. To protect your feet from coral or from standing on a stonefish, it is best to wear reef shoes when wading, reef walking at low tiding or snorkeling.