Religious Observance

Cook Islanders are devout Christian followers and Sundays is regarded island-wide as a day of rest (most islanders will be at church). You will find very few shops or tourist activities open on a Sunday, other than petrol stations and half a dozen restaurants.

There are churches of the following denominations in the Cook Islands, the major religion being the Cook Islands Christian Churches. Others available; Protestant, Latter Day Saints, Roman Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist, Baha`i Faith, Apostolic, Assembly of God, Jehovah`s Witness.

Sunday services on Rarotonga are always a joyous and spiritually enriching affair. You should definitely take the chance to share in this experience if you have the time. The island is scattered with historic limestone churches, which welcome in the congregation at 9 or 10am for a service of song and spiritual fellowship. Visitors are always welcome and in accordance with local custom, please dress modestly for the occasion. It is recommended that women wear long skirts or dresses to church services.